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Supply Chain Questionnaire

Mapping Offshore Wind Capabilities in Scotland

At Forth and Tay Offshore, we are embarking on an exciting initiative to gain insights into the offshore wind supply chain in Scotland, and we need your valuable input to make it a success.

We are aiming to understand and map the capabilities of the offshore wind supply chain in Scotland. Whether your company is currently active in offshore wind, was previously active, or is looking to get involved, your input is important to us. 

With this questionnaire, we hope to showcase Scotland as a destination of choice for offshore wind, highlight companies, projects and supply chain active in Scotland as well as in our own geographical area of the east coast of Scotland, and further support supply chain engagement opportunities.

We'd like to hear from you even if you aren't a member of an offshore wind cluster, and please do consider joining us - membership is free. 

Please take a few minutes to complete our questionnaire, focusing only on the section relevant to your company's involvement in offshore wind. Section 1 is general information and for everyone to complete.  Sections 2-4 will depend on your individual circumstances. Your responses will remain confidential and the information you provide will be used exclusively for this research. Insights will be shared with Forth and Tay Offshore members in an anonymised format.

Thank you for being an integral part of this endeavour. We look forward to your valuable insights and the positive impact they will make.



Project - referring to an offshore wind project such as NnG, Seagreen etc

Some companies may be supplying materials, components etc to the offshore wind sector but are not aware of the final destination of the product - feel free to indicate this where applicable. 

Fields marked with a * are required.

Section 1: General

Section 2: Currently Active in offshore wind

Section 3: Previously active in offshore wind 

Section 4: Not yet active in offshore wind