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Supply chain survey

The Offshore Wind Sector has the potential to bring significant business opportunities to companies in our area and we want to ensure that they are able to capitalise on them.

To help us identify the current and potential offshore wind supply chain companies and their capabilities, and to help us promote local expertise, we are asking you to complete this short survey by:

  • identifying what services you currently offer to the sector
  • services in other sectors that you believe could be transferred into offshore wind
  • services which could be adapted for the offshore wind sector with appropriate support
  • services which you aspire to offer the sector in the future

You will also be asked to provide some examples of projects that your company has undertaken.

This information will be searchable in the supply chain database available for the developers and their contractors.

Thank you for your time and we encourage you to take 15 minutes to complete this survey.

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Section 1: Your details

Section 2: About your business

Section 3: Your capabilities

Pre-Construction Development Phase (DEVEX)

Pre-construction development activities are typically undertaken for up to 10 years pre-FID accounting for around 5% of lifetime spend on a standard offshore wind project.

In this section we will ask you if you offer Environmental & Seabed surveys, Met Station services or other Development Consent related activities.

Can you provide any of the following services for Environmental & Seabed Surveys?

Can you provide the following services for Met Station Services?

Can you provide any of these services associated with Development Consent Activities?

DEVEX - Project Management & QA Services

Can you provide the following Project Management & QA Services?

CAPEX - Turbine Services

The construction phase of an offshore wind project will typically last for 2 to 3 years where as much as 40-50% of the lifetime spend can be committed.

Can you provide the following Turbine Services?

CAPEX - Balance of Plant - Manufacture/Supply Services

In this section we will ask you if you offer any Balance of Plant related services.

Can you provide Cable services?

Can you provide Turbine Foundation Services?

Can you provide Offshore Substation services?

Can you provide Onshore Substation Services?

Can you provide these other Balance of Plant related services?

OPEX - Operations & Maintenance

Offshore wind farms generally have an operating lifetime of 25 years therefore as much as 50-55% of lifetime project spend can be committed during this phase. Local content with the OPEX phase is traditionally very high as proximity to the wind farm is a distinct advantage.

Can you provide any of these Operations & Maintenance services?


Can you provide these Offshore Wind Supply Chain services?

Other services

Section 4: Company information

Section 5: Case studies

Please provide a brief summary of two projects that showcase your company capability either within offshore wind or in broader sectors.

Case study 1

Case study 2

Section 6: Permissions

The information we are collecting may contain personal Information as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018, e.g. personal email addresses or staff names. By entering the information on our database you confirm that you consent to this information being made available to developers and contractors in the offshore wind industry and on a variety of partner websites. We will retain this information until you instruct us to change your entry or to entirely remove it. The information which you are providing to us will not be used in any way other than for its original purpose. However, you acknowledge that once the information is made available to parties outside the council, we cannot ensure that you will not receive unsolicited communications.

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