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FullProxy Ltd

FullProxy Ltd

Business type: Cyber Security Services

Contact: Stuart McCann, Account Manager
Address: 1 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 1RW
Countries worked in: UK, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, USA, Countries throughout European Union

We are a team of Cyber Security experts based in Scotland, proudly fostering partnerships with industry giants such as F5 and Fortinet. Not only this, but our partnerships extend to industry leading technology providers AppViewX. As Scotland's most certified F5 and Fortinet Partners, we provide unmatched consultancy services, including Managed Services, Penetration Testing, health checks, and specialised support, maximising the full potential of your Cyber Security investment. Our approach involves designing, implementing, and seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies, complemented by our wealth of experience and knowledge in strategy and architecture discussions. With a singular focus on mitigating Cyber risk and enhancing compliance, we strive to elevate the security posture for organisations within the public sector, critical infrastructure and high risk commercial settings.

Take a look at our Buyers Guide to better understand our services - just paste into a browser: https://www.forthandtayoffshore.co.uk/files/fullproxy-buyers-guide.pdf

Head to the Case Studies page to see some of the work FullProxy have delivered.


Established supplier with significant experience supplying the sector

  • DEVEX - Project Management & QA Services: Project Management & Programme Management
  • DEVEX - Project Management & QA Services: Communications & PR
  • CAPEX - Balance of Plant - Manufacture / Supply Services: Buildings & other facilities management & security

Good capacity and some experience in supplying the sector

  • DEVEX - Project Management & QA Services: QA Management & Document Control
  • CAPEX - Balance of Plant - Manufacture / Supply Services: General Lay Down Areas & Installation Support Services
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Training & provision of technicians to carry out BoP maintenance
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Training & provision of wind turbine electricians
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Testing and Certifications

Capabilities to supply, but no/limited experience in the sector

  • Pre-Construction Development Phase (DEVEX): Aux Systems including power supplies & navigational aids
  • DEVEX - Project Management & QA Services: QS & Financial Management
  • DEVEX - Project Management & QA Services: Health & Safety Services
  • DEVEX - Project Management & QA Services: Health & Safety Training
  • DEVEX - Project Management & QA Services: Asset Management and Inventory Control
  • CAPEX - Balance of Plant - Manufacture / Supply Services: Electrical system including backup generator, switchgear, transformers & converters
  • CAPEX - Balance of Plant - Manufacture / Supply Services: Back Up Generators & Fuel Supply
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: O&M Port and Logistics
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Marine Operations
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Offshore substation maintenance
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Onshore Electrical

Ambitions to diversify in the sector

  • Pre-Construction Development Phase (DEVEX): Front End Engineering & Design Studies
  • CAPEX - Balance of Plant - Manufacture / Supply Services: Export & Array cables & components

Other services offered

  • Cyber security services, certifications, professional services, onsite consultancy, device and network configuration & security infrastructure maintenance

Case studies

NHS Forth Valley - FullProxy had been providing minimal support to NHS Forth Valley across their F5 estate, however there was no relationship between the two and no chance for additional business growth. This was to the extent that they were considering other support options. I took the initiative to visit onsite to NHS Forth Valley multiple times, as well as regular teams calls and catch ups with the IT team, in order to build the relationship. The account relationship is at a point now where we have completely revitalised their entire F5 estate and helped to modernise the infrastructure, through a range of both F5 and Fortinet solutions. I am currently in the final stages of implementing the FullProxy managed service solution, as well as an impending Fortinet WAF installation.

Contract type: IT and networking managed service

Value: £250k

We have secured and improved a vital infrastructure network for the hospital. Ensuring the hospital is able to run at optimum levels on multiple sites and across multiple disciplines and departments. Patient and hospital data is secured and many systems and processes have been streamlined by our direct involvement.

East Renfrewshire Council - Similar to NHS Forth Valley, in the sense that the customer had a previous working relationship with one of the Full Proxy technical consultants and would occasionally buy Professional service days from us, in order to get together and do some basic maintenance/upgrades on their existing Fortinet estate, the majority of which was being supported by a competitor of ours. After taking ownership of this account, I made a point of arranging an onsite meeting to go in and discuss the estate in great detail with the technical teams and how we could help the council grow and secure their environment.

Contract type: IT Managed Service and hardware refresh

Value: £175k

I was the key to securing this contract with the council, as our trusted expertise and service levels, secured a FullProxy Managed Service solution for East Renfrewshire council to manage their entire IT infrastructure for the year and we are currently closing a deal to replace existing Cisco equipment with a fully fledged Fortinet solution.


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