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Windcat Workboats Ltd

Windcat Workboats Ltd

Business type: Logistics

Contact: Mandy Masters, Business Development Manager
Address: Rossie House, South Quay, Ferryden, Montrose DD10 9SL
Countries worked in: UK, Netherlands, France, Germany

Windcat Workboats is Europe’s leading provider of specialist crew transfer vessels to the offshore wind power industry, oil and gas industry and other offshore projects.
The company was founded in 2002 by Neil Clarkson and Robbert van Rijk and today is lead by Willem van der Wel (Managing Director). Since January 2021 Windcat Workboats forms part of CMB Technologies to create a goal of achieving a greener fleet of vessels. CMB, founded in 1895, teamed with Windcat to work together to build the world’s first hydrogen crew transfer vessel powered by a dual fueled hydrogen – diesel combustion engine. Today, the company has a vision to scale up clean tech solutions for the offshore wind industry with already currently building several hydrogen powered vessels. CMB.s aim is to drive down costs for the future along with a vision in meeting climate goals by scaling up green hydrogen.
Windcat Workboats has a long track record in serving the offshore wind industry. Our vessels have a proven operational record in the field with over 1.800.000 transfers of personnel to offshore wind turbines. We have developed a strong relationship with several energy companies and offshore wind power developers. Our fleet currently comprises 47 vessels, one off the largest fleets of offshore utility vessels specialized in the wind farm industry globally. Within Scotland, Windcat currently have 7 operational vessels although this is expected to increase over the coming months.


Established supplier with significant experience supplying the sector

  • CAPEX - Balance of Plant - Manufacture / Supply Services: Marine Coordination or Shipping Services
  • CAPEX - Balance of Plant - Manufacture / Supply Services: Vessels or Vessel Equipment Provision
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: O&M Port and Logistics
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Marine Operations
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Onshore Accommodation & Transport services
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Storage of Strategic Spares/Lay Down Areas
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Workboats & Helicopter services
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Offshore Logistics including Accommodation / Base

Good capacity and some experience in supplying the sector

  • Pre-Construction Development Phase (DEVEX): Seabed Bethnic Surveys
  • Pre-Construction Development Phase (DEVEX): Geophysical Surveys
  • Pre-Construction Development Phase (DEVEX): Geotech Surveys
  • Pre-Construction Development Phase (DEVEX): Survey Vessels
  • OPEX - Operations & Maintenance: Vessel repairs and liftout services

Case studies

In 2003, Windcat secured the contract to service the Arklow Bank Windfarm in Ireland, about eight miles offshore and assigned the vessel Windcat 1 to be based in Arklow. For technical reasons, this propellered vessel was replaced by water-jet propelled Windcat 2 two years later. Stationed there for fifteen years, Windcat 2 has remained registered under the UK flag. To become Brexit ready, Windcat made the decision to re-flag the vessel making it the first Irish Flagged CTV. The vessel, to this day, with the same crew, continues to support the operations and maintenance on Arklow Banks Phase 1 OWF.

Contract type: Offshore crew transfer vessel support

Value: Ongoing

The vessel’s main activity is to transfer personnel and their equipment to and from Arklow Bank Windfarm. Windcat 2 replaced her sister ship Windcat 1 because she was built with water jet propulsion as opposed to propellers. This allows her to operate with a draft of less than 1metre as opposed to 1.4 metres. This small difference is crucial when operating with very tight margins on the shallow areas around the turbines and the constantly shifting sands can sometimes mean an under keel clearance of just one or two feet. The vessel has served this wind farm for the last 18 years and still continues to this day.

Beatrice Oil Field. Windcat have had the same crew that have successfully managed this project since 2008 and all have a wealth of knowledge of all local suppliers and subcontractors within the Moray Firth Area. Windcat have employed local people which have, to this day, proven to be an asset for the client, in particular when swift turnarounds are required for the supply of equipment and consumables.

Contract type: Crew Transfer Vessel support services

Value: Ongoing

Windcat Workboats has been working on the Beatrice oil field since the design and construction of the boat landing dating back to 2008. The landing structure design is rated to 60tonne maximum which is ideally suited to the Windcat vessels. The Windcat design has proven itself over the 13 years of working in the Moray Firth to the optimum vessel of choice working in long swell periods that are unique to this area. The vessel has been fitted with the Windgrip system which improves safety and operability at the platform whilst reducing overall fuel consumption. The present vessel (Windcat 15) was designed by both the client and Windcat making sure that the vessel is compatible for the Beatrice project. The experience and knowledge built up over the past 13 years has proven invaluable to enhance the operational safety, which is reflected in the low number of incidents over this period.


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