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Business type: Manufacturing Tarpaulin Covers and Kitbags

Contact: Neil Paton, Managing Director
Address: Unit 7, Brent Avenue, Montrose DD109PB
Countries worked in: Worldwide

We are the leading tarpaulin cover manufacturer in Scotland. Our team have years of experience manufacturing large-scale protective solutions for industrial and commercial equipment, particularly covers to withstand demanding oil & gas industry environments. Over the last forty years countless offshore workers have come to depend on us for the specialised kit bags, backpacks, and other equipment they need to enable them to do their jobs safely and skilfully.


Established supplier with significant experience supplying the sector

  • DEVEX - Project Management & QA Services: Specialist tools, parts, PPE, lifesaving, chandlery
  • CAPEX - Balance of Plant - Manufacture / Supply Services: Cable Protection

Other services offered

  • https://nngoffshorewind.com/2020/08/21/nng-supply-chain-case-study-montrose-bag-company/?fbclid=IwAR1Hd2B4vehANOPOeneMK4ofCibVa602sbacOljbt5TA3a7w1uRgNH5dN1Q

Case studies

Continuing our series exploring how the Scottish supply chain is playing an important role in the construction of NnG is Montrose Bag Company. We recently caught up with Neil Paton, Managing Director of Montrose Bag Company, to get an insight to how his business is providing NnG staff and contractors with all the kit bags, designed in a variety of sizes for taking items such as clothing and supplies offshore for a number of days or weeks, they need for working on the project both on and offshore. A family business founded in 1789, parent company Montrose Rope and Sail is one of the oldest businesses in Montrose. Neil started there in 1975 as an apprentice. Montrose Bag Company pair traditional handcraft skills with modern technology to produce bags made of 100% waterproof PVC in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes that can be personalised or custom made to suit. The company has so far provided the NnG project team with around 80 kit bags from their Jura range that can be carried as a holdall or a backpack. The majority of bags produced are bespoke with company logos and largely provided to the oil and gas sector, however Montrose Bag Company are anticipating an increase in orders from offshore wind as the sector continues to grow.

Value: 2600

One of the reasons we have been so widely used by the oil and gas sector is that as a locally based company, we can turn around bags very quickly and use sophisticated computerised systems to ensure high quality and consistency time and time again. “We once had a Belgian company who purchased bags from us and they had to be produced in line with certain rules and strict regulations. We were able to comply with this by carrying out safe working load tests on all the bags. “Offshore wind is becoming a really important market for us every year and it is reflected by Scottish projects like NnG making enquiries about our wide range of bags.” Montrose Bag Company use skilled craftspeople and use 100% waterproof materials, sourced locally where possible, to manufacture a range of bags that can tough it out in the most testing of conditions.

We have been developing a padded rucksack for a belgian WIndfarm company over the last 9 months. We were approached by them to manufacture a prototype which met certain rules and strict guidelines.

Value: 7000

Design, development and manufacturing the bag to the customers specific requirements.


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