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Member blog: Introduction to Pure energy (REGen) Ltd

New Forth & Tay Offshore member Pure energy introduce themselves and share the services they offer. 

Written by Yashodhara Bose, Pure energy

Pure energy exists to connect businesses and our communities to best value renewable energy products and services.

Our Core Technologies include:

1. Rooftop Solar PV and Battery Storage Integrated Solutions

We promote a decentralised energy generation model with reduction in on-site energy costs and reduced carbon emissions.

Our track record includes installation of integrated on-site clean energy solutions including solar PV, battery storage and EV charging in both urban and remote environments, delivering solutions that maximise on-site renewable energy production.

2. Smart EV Charging Stations

As a company we promote universal open cashless payment EV charging facilities, notably AC level 2 EV charging units, remote real time monitoring as well as monthly billing reporting for client convenience.

We have installed EV charging stations at a variety of Urban and rural locations, from the Island of Cumbrae to Dundee City Quay.

3. Low Carbon Heat Networks – New Product Design

The development of our “Energy Box” Heat Pump Assembly Design, a first of its kind integrated product solution comprising ground source heat pump and associated controls, efficiently integrated within a purpose-built enclosure, will provide an efficient low-cost sustainable heating alternative to customers.

To progress the “Design for Manufacture” product design phase, we are actively collaborating with the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) to finalise the product detailed design elements.

Funding to progress the “Energy Box” design has been provided by Innovate UK.

In January 2023, for our client associated with a low carbon community energy project, we drilled a test borehole to facilitate on-site thermal response testing, confirm borehole geotechnical suitability and enable ground source heat pump array installation in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire.

Pure energy can also provide energy assessments and BREEAM surveys, to monitor and assess on-site current heat source in order to further analyse and propose an efficient low carbon heat network solution to meet clients’ needs.

4. Solar Canopy
Our eye-catching Scandinavian Solar Canopy design features a wooden tower, sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) managed forests, recycled metal ground screw foundations and bifacial panels to provide solar energy to satisfy both domestic properties and electric vehicle charging as required.

Our first UK solar carport integrated solution with battery storage and EV charging is currently being installed for a private client in the UK, with completion scheduled during May 2024.

5. Energy Monitoring – A B2B Service
We provide energy monitoring technology to generate high consumption and device fault alerts, bill comparisons and to identify energy savings.

This integrated technology solution identifies energy consumption patterns and subsequent energy cost reduction opportunities.

Our Core Business Services include:

1. Energy Demand Analysis

In this rapidly evolving market, we are experts and take the time to understand available options in order to clarify business solutions to suit your needs. It’s a time-consuming effort and we save you the hassle of this, so you get on with your work.

We provide customers with the optimum combination of renewable energy generation and storage technology options, for either a single or portfolio of sites. We also analyse project costs as well as investment returns, on the basis of half hourly energy usage data together with proprietary analytics tools.

By clearly understanding your needs and making informed decisions, we take care of on-site renewable energy concept development, project engineering and supply chain management.

Most of all we believe that together we can just do things better, by creating opportunities to show how renewable energy can make a positive contribution to businesses and our society.

2. Sustainable Advisory
Our business also provides investor advisory support for sustainable infrastructure developments through to project completion.

Our in-depth experience and engineering capability is key to managing successful delivery of our infrastructure projects on time and within budget.

During 2024, we have conducted a technical due diligence assessment for a proposed biomethane plant located in the Baltic Region, together with a detailed EU Taxonomy Assessment review.

We are also the senior project advisory partners for Alea Global Group, an Arabian Gulf based investor, who are planning to develop a sustainable food production facility. We plan to revolutionise the way the country produces food and energy, through cutting edge technology, by creating a closed loop system that changes daily food production, towards an environmentally sustainable method.

To know more about how Pure energy can assist your business or home transition towards low carbon energy solutions, contact us on +44 (0) 1382 657457 or email info@pureenergyuk.com.

Have a look at the work they completed for the Isle of Gigha Camp and Motorhome newbuild facility.

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