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Manufacturing opportunities in Offshore Wind

Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and South of Scotland Enterprise have published five offshore wind manufacturing factsheets covering secondary steel, anchors and moorings, cable protection, cables and accessories and corrosion protection.

The factsheets are intended to provide background information for companies wishing to enter the offshore wind supply chain, and help companies assess where their own skills and experience can be applied to these offshore wind components with detailed descriptions of the individual areas of opportunity. The factsheets include the weights, lengths and quantities of many of the most common subcomponents in both fixed and floating offshore wind. 

The Scottish supply chain has a major opportunity to enter the floating wind market in particular, as there are no existing serial production manufacturing facilities for many of the components. As Scotland will be a world leader in the deployment of floating offshore wind, this will represent a new manufacturing opportunity on the Scottish supply chain's doorstep.

Scottish Enterprise and BVG Associates are also hosting a webinar on 17th January at 10-11am which will delve into these manufacturing supply chain opportunities.

The webinar will focus on the five key manufacturing areas mentioned above, and provide an insight into the types of components that can be manufactured, the route to market, volume requirements and the support available. 

Head to the webpages linked above to download the factsheets and register for the webinar for free.

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