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Floating Offshore Wind Tender

As part of the Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence (FOWCoE), ORE Catapult are delighted to announce the launch of four new open tenders for current projects in these key areas:

All ITT’s have been launched on the ProContract Procurement Portal and each opportunity can be found by searching for the relevant opportunity ID (noted above, e.g. DNXXXXXX). In advance of providing any tender responses, interested parties much register to the portal.

Free Supply Chain Support for FTO members

Free support offered to Forth & Tay Offshore member companies from the Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN).

Technology Assessment Process (TAP)
This project offers developers and businesses support to progress their innovation for the the ocean energy sector. TAP provides a roadmap for risk reduction, development and commercialisation, as well as independent evidence for investors. Wave, tidal, floating wind and floating solar are all innovation areas supported by OPIN.

For more information and to apply for TAP, click here.

Collaborative Innovation Groups (CIGS)

A CIG is a small group of SMEs, often working with research entities and / or large companies, to solve specific problems which are barriers to deployment of ocean energy and offer opportunities for new products, services or markets. CIGs focus on challenges which cannot or have not been solved by one SME alone and aim to include complementary skills and expertise.

For more information and to apply for CIGs, click here.

Forth and Tay Offshore welcome the publication of Sectoral Marine Plan

The Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy and Offshore Wind Policy Statement – published this week by Marine Scotland – sets out the most suitable locations for the future development of commercial offshore wind energy.

Free workshops to strengthen your cyber security and resilience - register now!

Exercise in a Box is an online tool from the National Cyber Security Centre which helps organisations test and practise their response to a cyber-attack.

We all know that exercising brings great benefits for our health and wellbeing - but how would you apply this concept to your workplace?

The National Cyber Security Centre has partnered with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre to turn that concept into reality. To improve the fitness of organisations to face the evolving cyber threats out there, it commissioned a new, quick and easy to use, tool called 'Exercise in a Box'.

'Exercise in a Box' provides you with a number of scenarios, based on common cyber threats, which your organisation can practice as many times as you want (a process known as 'exercising'). All in one place! Plus, there is a wealth of information and support.

It is completely free, and you don’t have to be an expert to use it. The service provides exercises, based around the main cyber threats, which your organisation can do in your own time, in a safe environment, as many times as you want. It includes everything you need for setting up, planning, delivery, and post-exercise activity, all in one place.

Large or small, private sector or public sector, getting your organisation to practise what happens in a cyber attack helps you to spot the gaps in your fitness regime and shows where you might need to change up a gear.


For more information and to register, visit https://www.sbrcentre.co.uk/events

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