About the Alliance

With an Offshore Wind Sector Deal due to be announced, providing a pathway to 30GW of deployed capacity by 2030 in the UK, European ambitions to exceed offshore wind generating capacity in excess of 70GW are truly achievable. Deployment of 30GW of capacity will ensure that the UK maintains its position as the global leader in offshore renewables.

Forth & Tay Offshore aims to become the coordinated driving force behind the cluster’s efforts to service offshore renewable requirements within Scottish waters and the wider North Sea. Forth & Tay Offshore is supported by public organisations including Scottish Enterprise, Dundee City Council, Fife Council, Angus Council, East Lothian Council and Scottish Borders Council. Forth & Tay is also supported by SSE, EDF and Redrock Power.

With a world-leading supply chain and coastal infrastructure, to service the full lifecycle needs of the offshore renewables sector from development through manufacture, installation and ongoing operation. Our colleges and universities, and R&D institutions are world-renowned and will be at the forefront of delivering innovative new solutions within the sector, whilst continuing to develop and promote the skills required to meet the needs of the sector and providing the engineers and technicians of tomorrow.

Forth & Tay Offshore will be at the centre of the offshore renewables renaissance. We are keen to attract innovative companies to supplement our value proposition and to build upon the success of our established offshore renewables supply chain.

Our cluster is not geographically exclusive, as we take in key areas across the central belt, covering developers and innovative institutions ensuring all parts of the industry are represented; playing a part in advancing the sector for Scotland.

Forth & Tay Offshore, is positioning itself to service Scotland’s burgeoning offshore renewables manufacturing ambitions and sector supply chain; we aim to:

  • Attract and retain inward investment in offshore wind related manufacturing and servicing to the cluster.
  • Develop and promote the regional supply chain across the offshore wind supply lifecycle and facilitating collaborative alliances.
  • Work with regional further and higher education institutions to meet the labour needs and efficiency improvement needs of the offshore renewables sector.
  • Share and develop knowledge and understanding of the offshore wind sector to position and maximise supply chain and employment opportunities in the Forth and Tay cluster.
  • Support Forth & Tay entities to maximise and compete for UK-wide and international opportunities.
  • Invest in value-added infrastructure which improves the Forth & Tay regional offshore renewables proposition as one of the UK’s pre-eminent renewable hubs.

More information will follow as the Forth & Tay Offshore initiative is further developed.